Sipping on the distinguished liquid, one rouge, the other crème

You went on about the woodland and how fairies and indigenous guarding it

One sip, then it was my turn

Light discourse continued with meticulous ramble on hammerheads and black-tips

“Have you ever seen a manatee? They operate just like you”

“Graceful yet vulnerable.”


Chuckles after chuckles, sip after sip, here comes the talk

“Why are you always dressed so nicely?”

“To you.”


And there we were, witnessing the burden of lorry drivers

Two creaking mahogany chairs on the sidewalk, 3 miles from home

“Is this close enough to watching the city lights and blasting Oscar Lang?”

“I’d say they’re both equal.”

The lorry drivers, share one thing in common with the renaissance men

They both abandon their spouses, lonely maids and men, sailing away

For labor they said

“You mustn't seek love. Freedom, instead, is what we shall long for”




*Explorer (French): To explore

-based on true live events



Agnes Pricillia Senjaya

HI UB 2021









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