Defamation of Globalization and Culture: A Perspective

I would like to add my own opinion regarding globalization and culture. Many people might see culture was formed by the globalization back then, it’s just that there hasn’t been a word for globalization to depict what’s going on in the other side of the world and many people confused whether culture could be lost due to globalization. So, my department organizations asked for my opinion to confirmed whether culture and globalization are something opposite and what kind of relations do culture and globalization have between them.

To start my opinion, I would like to distinct both of the words so we can understand the meaning and avoid the possibility of misunderstanding. Robert Kohls says [Culture is] an integrated system of learned behavior patterns that are characteristic of members of any given society. Culture refers to the total way of life of particular groups of people. It includes everything that group of people thinks, says, does and makes – its systems of attitudes and feelings. Culture is learned and transmitted from generation to generation. if I summarize the sentences we can easily conclude that what is meant by the above sentence is roughly like “culture is personality of a group which differ them with the others”, and what is globalization? According to Globalization101, Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies and government of different nations. Thus, it becomes very clear that both words have a different meaning and we can’t say culture is part of globalization or otherwise.

How distinct both of words could be so important to answer the questions? It is because people nowadays often conclude that culture is “the enemy” of globalization vice versa and we can’t do anything about it, saying their positions is different. People accuse globalization as a mastermind behind some fallen civilizations, the disappearance of culture. They see it as a misguided thing, some people say “not religious” at all, a threat to religion, belief or everything that can be said as personality. The accusation didn’t move around the corner to find another view, they fixed into one view instead. Thereupon, they passed this belief generation to generation until somebody break the ceiling due to curiosity and of course the inevitable pressure of globalization. Indeed, some of the cultures are disappearing slowly, but do we have to blame globalization completely? doesn’t everyone have their own choices?

Yes, indeed I personally believe that culture and globalization are something different and we can’t do anything about it, but can we say that the two words are opposite like a magnet or even “an enemy”? Absolutely no. different doesn’t always mean opposite, in my opinion globalization and culture are like a hair braid, consists of several bonds, but united through the main bond. Hence in my opinion, culture and globalization can walk side by side. When you or your group has a personality it will (sometimes) lead you into curiosity and push you into “get to know the rest of the world” and the process of globalization will be created because you will travel or just to find out via the internet what is going on in the other side of the world. Hence, you will know whether other personality is better than yours or the important questions is does that kind of personality (which other people have) violate your values or rules? the choice is in your hands, you have the ability to know the world, predict or calculate the impact of (other) culture exposure and to decide whether you can follow or adopt that culture. Eventually, culture and globalization will not be enemies, they complement each other. Accepting globalization will not always make your personalities are on stake. Some personality permits you to wear a bikini on the beach some others not, some others allows you to be fully naked some others not, some people eating with spoon some other with their fingers. what about you? Which terms you should follow? What your culture values say? Do you want to broke your culture rules? does it worth it to adopt a new thing? it’s on your hand, you decide it. Globalization and culture are mates, you can’t separate them, without a process called globalization, you might never realize the real size of the world, the people, the country, everything. How can people say that globalization and culture has a different position or we should abandon, deny or avoid one of them if it turns out they complement each other? Our planet lives due to its people diversity, and globalization help us to recognize it; they different, but on the same line.

So, what’s the conclusion? I think globalization is not something opposite and they belong to their own position (not above nor below), the only difference between them is just the meaning, one word describes an integrated society process and the other one describes a belief which passed from generation to generation. You can still hold on to your culture and learn about other cultures at the same time, no problem. what makes life difficult for each culture and causes a lot of debate is (perhaps) stereotypes and lack of acceptance, not the relationship between both of them.

This is an opinion of Rayhan Syahfa, from International Relation student in Universitas Islam Indonesia.


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