Moestopo Model United Nations 2017 (MoesMUN)

Moestopo Model United Nations secretariat is proud to welcome you to its 2017 edition!

In order to enforce justice and promote peace we have stand up and stand with our feet. Looking forward and achieving global targets. As the tradition goes annually, Moestopo Model United Nations 2017 (MoesMUN) is coming back this year!

With our serious experience and great paradigm of looking forward, we are proud to present this conference on the theme of

GOALS (Globally Organised Actions to maintain peace and to establish Lawful System)

Moestopo Model United Nations surely believed with concrete actions and strong determination that all of you delegates could create perfect equal output, so that’s why in this event, we open two councils :

UNEP(highschoolers): “Setting the Goals on New Green Environmental Programme”
SOCHUM (varsity): “Countering and Preserving Citizen of Nations from Political and Religious Based Terrorism”

We also offer and facilitate you good experience for starters in high school so you can acknowledge 1001 things about MUN.

High Schoolers : FREE
Moestopo Students : IDR 275K
Varsity : 350K

Our conference will take place at Sofyan Hotel Menteng, Jakarta Pusat from May 20th to the 21st. Join the excitement and show your ability to experiece an outstanding quality of debates.
Click the link below and register yourself before May 18th 2017!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us to our great voyages and we need your voice!

“We live in a complex world. Partnership must continue to be at the heart of our strategy”
Antonio Gutteres (UN Secretary-General)

BNI p.p. Salica Julia Yusup 0428574979

For further information feel free to catch us at
Contact Person
Phone and line: kamirazzn/081905437200

Ig : moesmun & himahi_moestopo
Twitter: @himahi_moestopo
Line : @trq4070p
Facebook : Himahi Moestopo
Email :moestopo.hmjhi@gmail.com1491958510010

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